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Valentine's Day Pastries - Valenswines


Yellow pudding cake, white buttercream filling, covered in pink

colored chocolate, pink candy snout and a curly tail


Valentine's Day Pastries - Marzipan Heart

Marzipan Heart 

Yellow cake, custard buttercream, wrapped in marzipan and topped with fresh strawberry



Cake Pops

Vanilla cake, dipped in white chocolate, decorated with heart sequins and edible glitter



Valentine's Day Pastries - Chocolate Petit Four Hearts

Chocolate Petit Four

Heart shaped chocolate soufflé cake, filled chocolate buttercream and ganache, dipped in chocolate,

chocolate drizzle and adorned with a red rose bud



Petit Four

Yellow cake filled with a strawberry preserve and buttercream, coated in white chocolate

and decorated with a nonpareil heart


Valentine's Day Cupcakes


Yellow or chocolate cake, buttercream or fudge icing, valentine colored sprinkles around

the edge and topped with a red heart sugar cookie


Mini Cupcakes

Chocolate or yellow cake topped with swirled red, white and pink buttercream

and sprinkled with white nonpareils


Fresh Lemon Tart

Tart shell bursting with fresh lemon curd, drizzled with white chocolate and decked with a white chocolate heart



Tags Bakery - Our Famous Florentines -


A baked confection made with butter, sugar, blanched almonds and coated with fine chocolate.

Our signature item for over 45 years!


Gift box – 1 lb   $19.95       Gift Box – ½ lb    $10.50       Gift Baggie   $8.75

Valentine's Day Cookies - Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies

We have a large selection of handmade tea cookies available decorated with love for Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day Cookies - Mini Cookie Tray

Mini Cookie Tray

An assortment of heart cookies for your valentine


Valentine's Day Cookies - Conversation Heart Iced Sugar Cookie

Conversation Heart Cookies

Iced heart shaped cookies in assorted colors and sayings


Valentine's Day Cookies - Iced Sugar Cookie Heart Shaped

Heart Cookie

Sugar cookie iced in pink chocolate and drizzled with red chocolate



Yellow Heart Cake 

Yellow cake, strawberry buttercream filling, iced in buttercream and trimmed

with cascading hearts in assorted colors 

6” cake            serves 4-6                  $19.95
8” cake            serves 8-12                $25.95

Chocolate Heart Cake

Devil’s food cake, fudge filling, iced in fudge and finished with polka dots

and topped with the words love and kisses

6” cake            serves 4-6                  $19.95
8” cake            serves 8-12                $25.95


Flourless Chocolate Cake

With Raspberry Preserve & Almonds              $21.95

Ganache Iced                                                         $24.95

Plain                                                                        $19.95


Angel Food Cake

Fluffy angel food cake with your choice of filling and icing

Pricing starts at $9.50