Tortes are multilayered cake that is filled with whipped cream, buttercreams, mousses, jams, or fruits. Tortes are iced and garnished with a simple but elegant European style

Black Forest Torte

Chocolate cake with cherry filling, whip cream icing, chocolate shavings on the side, almonds and cherries decorating the top

Black and White Torte

White cake, fudge filled and iced, ornamented with variegated fudge and vanilla buttercream roses

Caramel Macchiato Torte

Yellow cake, filled and iced with coffee whip cream, and caramel poured over the top

Caramel Torte

Yellow cake filled and iced with caramel buttercream, with a caramel overlay and decked with a caramel colored rose

Chocolate Lace Torte

Devil’s food cake, French vanilla buttercream filling, iced with ganache, white chocolate lace encircle the sides and a fresh fruit garnish

Dobosh Torte

Six layers of yellow cake, chocolate buttercream filling, iced with fudge or ganache, crowned with fudge adornments

Fan Torte

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and icing and an array of chocolate fans

Fudge Torte

Chocolate cake, fudge filling and icing, trimmed with chocolate diamonds, and a cherry on top

Lemon Torte

Yellow cake, lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream icing, with an array of yellow rosebuds on top

Lemon Raspberry Torte

White cake filled with raspberry French buttercream, iced in lemon French buttercream, embellished with variegated yellow and red roses

Mocha Torte

Two layers of chocolate cake and two layers of yellow cake, filled and iced with mocha buttercream, chocolate covered espresso beans adorn the top

Muño Torte

Yellow cake, French vanilla buttercream, enveloped in ganache, and trimmed with a bow

Oreo Torte

Chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream icing, garnished with Oreo cookies and cherries 

Raspberry Mousse Torte

Yellow cake with raspberry mousse filling and icing with a seasonal decoration

Red Velvet Torte

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling and icing with a single red rose and red velvet crumbs on the side

Sacher Torte

Chocolate cake with a raspberry preserve filling, iced in ganache, embossed with white roses

Tiramisu Torte

Yellow cake, sprinkled with a coffee liquor simple syrup, filled and iced with a light Italian coffee mousse, lightly dusted with cocoa powder, trimmed with whip cream rosettes and mocha beans 

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