Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Made from Tag’s original recipe with pumpkin, milk, eggs and delicately seasoned with our own blend of spices.

5” – $5.95           8” – $10.95         9” – $13.95

Mince Pie

Our mince filling is made from scratch, Michigan apple cider, brandy, raisins, candied orange, chopped fresh apples, and Tag’s spice blend make this mince pie stand out from the rest.

5” – $6.95            8” – $11.95         9” – $14.95

Pecan Pie

A Southern original, but enjoyed by everyone. Ours is not too sweet, and carries the flavor of butter and pecans

5” – $7.95            8” – $13.95         9” – $16.95

Home-style Apple Pie

Sliced apples rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon, layered between our flaky pie crust. No preservatives or salt in this filling. A homemade taste that’s hard to beat!

5” – $5.95            8” – $10.95         9” – $13.95

Dutch Apple Pie

Same great crust and apple filling as our Home-style Pie, but covered with Streusel instead of a top crust.

8” – $11.95                        9” – $14.95

Taffy Apple Pie

Same as Dutch Apple, but after baking we drizzle it with caramel topping.

8” – $12.50                        9” – $15.50

Blueberry and Cherry Pie

8” – $10.95         9” – $13.95

Whipped Cream Pies

Banana or Coconut, both made with milk and egg custard, in a cookie crust shell. Topped with fresh whipped cream. Also available in Lemon.

8” – $11.95                        9” – $14.95

French Silk Pie

Pure semi-sweet chocolate, butter, fresh eggs and vanilla, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shaving. The ultimate treat for the true chocolate lover!

8” – $11.95


Lemon Meringue Pie

A cookie crust filled with home cooked lemon curd, topped with fluffy meringue and lightly browned.

8” – $11.95                        9” – $14.95


Thanksgiving Cake

Yellow or chocolate cake,  buttercream or fudge filling with assorted colorful swirled buttercream on sides and topped with a fondant turkey

6”       $31.00                       8”        $39.95

Yellow or chocolate cake,  pumpkin mousse filling with assorted colorful swirled buttercream on sides and topped with a fondant turkey

6”       $33.25                   8”        $47.95

Pumpkin Mousse Roll

Pumpkin mousse rolled inside yellow sponge cake                                                               $14.95


Jumbo Turkey Cupcakes

Large Petit Four

Turkey Cake Pops
Turkey Cookies

For your bread basket…

Soft Dinner Rolls                                $4.95 per dozen
Parker House Rolls                            $4.95 per dozen
Small Flaky Croissants                      $8.40 per dozen
Celery Flake or Thyme Rolls            $8.40 per dozen
Half Size Butter Crust Rolls             $4.95 per dozen

On the sweeter side or for brunch…

Caramel Pecan Rolls                     $10.80 per dozen
Cinnamon Schnecken                   $9.60 per dozen
Mini-Danish                                    $9.60 per dozen
Mini-Muffins                                  $9.60 per dozen

Cranberry, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Carrot and Lemon-Poppy

And it isn’t too early for…

Fruit Cake             Julekake               Stollen                   Holiday Cookies

And our Famous Florentines

Florentine shipping now available online!