Witch’s Cauldron Cake

Bubbling witches cauldron decoration in buttercream icing with a layer of yellow cake and a layer of chocolate cake and fudge filling

6″ Cake         $31.00

Halloween Unicorn Witch Cake

Unicorn Witch Cake

               Magical green unicorn cake with a purple mane and a black fondant horn atop buttercream icing and your choice of cake and filling!

6″ Cake         $31.00


Petit Fours

Yellow cake, ganache and orange colored buttercream filling, enrobed in white chocolate with assorted Halloween decorations


Ghost Cup

Yellow cake, buttercream topping, dipped in white chocolate with a spooky face


Cake Pops

Chocolate cake dipped in lime green or orange chocolate with black sugar swirl


Halloween Cupcakes

Yellow or chocolate cake, buttercream or fudge icing, sprinkles and topped with a ghost ring or a pumpkin pick



Halloween Cookies Ghost Cookie Pumpkin Cookie Haunted House Cookie Cat Cookie

 Ghost                                        $1.89

Cat                                             $1.89

Jack O’ Lantern                      $1.89

Haunted House                       $2.99