Lamb Cake

Light textured golden pound cake finished with plain buttercream, coconut buttercream or chocolate fudge icing


Easter Bunny Shaped Cake

Bunny Cake

Yellow pudding cake bunny sitting on a nest of yellow cake covered with green coconut. Finished with plain buttercream, coconut buttercream or chocolate fudge icing



 Egg Cake

Yellow pudding cake, buttercream filled, iced with chocolate fudge or pastel buttercream and decorated with spring flowers


Small Lop-Eared Bunny Cake

4″ cake decorated with a buttercream face complete with paws and a fluffy tail and topped with fondant floppy ears

Yellow Cake – Bavarian cream between layers of yellow cake and iced in white buttercream


Chocolate Cake – Rich fudge filling amid layers of yellow cake and iced in chocolate buttercream


Malted Milk Cookie Cake

Sweet sugar cookie loaded with chopped robin’s egg malt balls and finished with robin’s egg malt balls nestled in buttercream rosettes



Small Cake Egg

Yellow cake, buttercream filling, dipped in chocolate and decorated with tulips


Small Coconut Bunny

Yellow cake, white buttercream icing, covered in coconut with a bunny face and a pink tail


Easter Cake Shots

Yellow or chocolate cake with Easter colored buttercream filling, topped with a marshmallow bunny peep on a bed of green buttercream grass sprinkled with confetti


Oreo Lamb Pops

Double Stuf Oreos dipped in white chocolate, coated in white sprinkle and decorated with a cute chocolate lamb face


Easter Pastry

Confetti cake with filled with strawberry buttercream, rolled in multicolored sprinkles and completed with a yellow Easter chick


Robin’s Nest Mini Cupcake

Robin’s eggs made of marzipan nestled in toasted coconut atop buttercream icing and a yellow or chocolate mini cupcake


Easter Cupcakes

Yellow or chocolate cake, assorted icings, topped with colorful sprinkles and an Easter ring


Assorted mini pastries and éclairs available to order


Chocolate Rabbit                                        $2.99
Pink Bunny                                                 $2.99
Lamb                                                            $3.19
Easter Egg                                                   $1.69
Yellow Chick                                              $1.99

Easter Egg Bread

Egg bread twisted together in multi-colors perfect for your Easter table!


                            Mini pecan rolls/doz                                            $11.40
Mini cinnamon schnecken/doz                         $10.20
Mini sweet rolls/doz                                            $10.20
Mini croissants/doz                                             $9.60
Parkerhouse rolls/doz                                         $5.40

Hostess gifts

  10″ Cookie Tray                                               $27.95
Florentine Gift Box – 1 LB                             $19.95
Florentine Gift Box – 1/2 LB                         $10.50
Florentine Gift Baggie                                    $8.75


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