Tag’s bakery has been a favorite family morning outing for donuts and coffee cakes. We offer a selection of cake donuts and raised donuts as well as a seasonal assortment including our ever popular cider donuts. If it matters, we have it!

Our coffee cakes are made from Danish dough and filled or topped with fruit, nuts, cheese, streusel, and icing. They are available daily, as well as, their smaller counterpart, the individual Danish.

We have a selection of muffins including blueberry muffin, cranberry, muffin, carrot muffin, pumpkin muffin and lemon- poppyseed muffin. Tag’s also offers quick breads with the same flavors as well as cinnamon, raspberry and plain. The harvest scone, cinnamon scone, plain or filled croissants have become a popular breakfast treat.

Most of our breakfast pastries are available in miniature versions that are perfect for your brunch or luncheons.